A new invitation to languish in the artistical world of Sylvia Toledano.

A collection of jewels that look as if they might belong in the treasure chest of a great traveller, illustrating the designer’s penchant for mixing and matching colours as the fancy takes her. Semi-precious stones adorn oversized cuffs on even the most sober outfits to give a signature style that is both unique and sophisticated. Rings bearing stones conjure up the image of a romantic “somewhere”, earrings accompany every delicate tilt of the wearer’s head to accentuate a radiant complexion. Sylvia plays on effects of colour and style and composes a captivating ensemble of gem-like creations that are not only a pleasure to wear, but also to touch and to see as precious talismans. Sylvia’s jewels have become an inseparable part of our lives, they are our lucky charms, they tell a story and mirror the most beautiful facets of the woman we choose to reveal.

Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Cornalian, Tiger’s eye, Black Quartz. Sylvia whisks us off into the magical world of stones whose very names appear to conceal a precious secret. Her jewellery is reminiscent of a couturier’s creations and her mysterious amulets, crafted by hand in her Jaipur workshops, are only available in small limited editions. A new journey, new inspirations, and once again that pleasing sense of freedom, beckoning us to indulge in a kind of beauty that is overflowing with artistic creativity and generosity.

Sylvia Toledano’s jewels thus belong to those covetable objects that fuel our addictions and fan the eternal flame of our desire for new pieces. Several celebrities, bloggers, fashion editors and actresses (Solange Knowles, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Chiara Ferragni, Leandra Medine, Giovanna Battaglia …) have already succumbed to her creations.

She signed a collaboration with Guerlain to adorn limited series for prestigious bottles, including the exceptional Shalimar bottle reserved for collectors (limited edition of 50 copies worldwide).

Sold in the most beautiful department stores in the world (L’Eclaireur, Le Bon Marché, Le Printemps, Bloomingdales, Net à Porter, …), she has opened her first Parisian flaghship near the Place Vendome, at 26 rue Danielle Casanova.